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Payroll Processing

Payroll processing refers to the task of managing the payment of wages by a company to its employees. The steps involved in payroll processing typically include gathering employee time information for a selected time period, managing benefits & deductions, and distributing employee pay for that time period. Most companies use either a payroll software system for payroll, or else a third-party payroll processing service.

While the summary of payroll processing sounds quite simple, there are many behind-the-scenes steps that need to take place, before the actual processing work begins. We assists in following process to enable our clients free from the burden of payroll and related processes.



  • Generate and provide details of employee tax declarations, disclose information about any specific tax policy or benefit leverage by the employee by coordinating with individual employee.
  • Generate and provide details about employee salary, benefits, and eligibility for other added funds.
  • Providing details like the deductions and recoveries from employees by cordinating with finance team.
  • Taking details from the transport and vendor department for any other deduction or payment to the employee.
  • Calculate and maintain leave and attendance from automated systems of the company. Gather details of the current shift and employees’ attendance from these automated systems.
  • Calculate net wages payable to each employee after deducting all the deductible.
  • Recording and managing each employee leave and due of annual leaves
  • Recording and maintaining leave applications
  • Conducting employee survey
  • Conducting new hiring interviews
  • Payment of wages via WPS, cheques, bank transfer or other legal means of payment

We as a professional firm provide all the process required for payroll processing effectively in an optimize manner.

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Dubai Fahidi heights Al hamriya | London DA16 3DJ Welling

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