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VAT Consultancy

VAT is a transactional self-assessment tax. The taxpayer is in charge of making sure that the numerous requirements imposed by the laws and regulations are met and that VAT is accurately reported, collected, and paid to the Federal Tax Authority. It is challenging to navigate the onerous duties put on taxpayers by the administration of this high-risk transaction-based tax. We work in a technologically and operationally driven environment that is continually changing, increasing the risks for taxpayers. 

With our VAT Compliance Review, Forthright assists in identifying discrepancies in your organization’s VAT policies and proper practises in accordance with the UAE VAT Laws. Since it will prepare your company for a company formation and Vat Return Filing, a VAT Compliance Review is more of a must than an option. 

It is usually preferable to have a third-party expert do the VAT Compliance Review at your organisation to avoid the possibility of non-compliance with Vat Return Filing. Your awareness of the reasons for non-compliance will help you address them in the future with the assistance of our team of specialists. It can assist you in determining the areas that need to be corrected while guaranteeing the accuracy of taxes paid. 

We help businesses comply with their tax compliance duties while reducing expenses, managing risks, and avoiding pointless fines. We support businesses in the constantly changing regulatory environment, examine the client’s compliance framework and all excise consultancy, Vat Return Filing and our experts help clients to correct after discovering gaps in the compliance system. 

Our knowledgeable team will also make sure that the entity doesn’t cause any VAT problems for the client or other companies, which could harm the company’s reputation and client connections. VAT is a complicated and dynamic area of taxation that may be challenging for companies of all sizes. Fortunately, a VAT consultancy exists to assist companies in navigating the complexity of vat and ensuring they are in compliance with the most recent rules. A VAT return filing consultancy can offer a variety of services, including recommendations on accounting services and advice on the most effective VAT return filing procedures. 

Additionally, we can help with the creation of VAT return filings and the estimation of VAT obligations.  Additionally, VAT consulting can offer guidance on VAT administration, return filing, and planning, as well as support for resolving any VAT disputes. We offer a broad range of accounting services consultant, corporate tax in UAE, and audit services in UAE at Forthright Consultancy. We have extensive knowledge of UAE tax regulations and can assist you with all facets of corporate compliance. Withholding tax services compliance, tax return submission, and tax registration are all things we can assist you with. To guarantee that your financial accounts are accurate and current, we also offer auditing services. Get in touch with us right now to learn more about our services.


Dubai Fahidi heights Al hamriya | London DA16 3DJ Welling

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