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Withholding tax services, often referred to as tax retention, is income tax that is paid to the government by the person making the payment as opposed to the person receiving the payment. Thus, the tax is either withheld from or subtracted from the recipient’s due income. The majority of nations withhold taxes from employment income. In many nations, taxes must be withheld from dividend and interest payments. If the beneficiary of the income is a resident of a foreign country, there are typically additional tax withholding duties. With our services, you can rest assured that all your excise consultancy will be taken care of, leaving you to focus on your core business. In such cases, withholding tax services may be applicable to royalties, rent, or even the sale of real estate. 

Governments employ tax withholding as a tool to prevent tax evasion, and they occasionally impose extra withholding obligations if the receiver has been tardy in completing VAT returns or works in a sector where tax evasion is thought to be widespread. When withholding is done in advance, it is viewed as a payment on account of the recipient’s eventual tax burden. The difference between the recipient’s tax responsibility and the amount withheld may be repaid if a tax return is filed and shows that the recipient owes less tax than was withheld, or further tax may be owed in that case.


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A tax called withholding is taken out of someone’s paycheck or other income. The amount of tax withheld is determined by the tax liability of the individual. Things like income taxes, social security taxes, and Medicare taxes are frequently paid for a withholding tax services. The United Arab Emirates does not currently apply withholding tax services (WHTs). Individuals and businesses with UAE residents or nationality can access a vast and expanding network of double tax treaties (DTTs).

Since the United Arab Emirates does not impose WHT or other types of non-resident taxation, these DTTs might not be immediately relevant for gaining relief from UAE taxation, but they might still be useful for receiving relief from taxation in DTT partner countries.  Forthright is a top supplier of accounting services, Vat return filing advisory services, corporate tax in UAE, tax registration numbers, and Company formation and liquidation in the UAE. Our staff is made up of seasoned professionals that are committed to giving our customers the best possible service.

We are dedicated to giving our clients the best advice and direction on how to abide by the tax laws and regulations of the UAE. Our team of professionals assists clients in adhering to various international withholding tax services laws and norms. We actively assist clients in adhering to KSA, India, and other countries’ withholding tax services mechanisms.

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