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The Best Accounting & Bookkeeping Services In UAE

  • September/5/2022

When talking about a business, what is the one thing that your mind comes to your mind? The usual guess would be, finance. To keep your finances in check, of course, one needs a reliable, trusted firm that has expertise in bookkeeping services and accounting services. We, Forthright Consultancy, can take care of all your accounting and bookkeeping needs by providing Accounting and bookkeeping services, including Corporate tax in UAE.  If you are searching for a place or a consultancy service that will help you with Corporate tax and provide bookkeeping and accounting services then you have reached the place and you need to go nowhere else as we at Forthright Consultancy provide services in bookkeeping and accounting and we will even help you with the Corporate tax. Our services in both accounting and bookkeeping are excellent and we keep striving to provide the best of the best to all of our customers. We provide all of our services at a fraction of the cost at which some of the consultancies charge and we take immense pride in doing so. 

Our services in accounting

Individuals and corporations rely on accounting consultants to analyze financial data for important business decisions. Our accounting employees prepare and evaluate financial reports, identify growth opportunities, improve accounting procedures, and forecast future profits as part of their responsibilities. In order to provide our clients with quality accounting services, our accounting experts must understand financial controls, regulations, and accounting procedures. Our accounting department has a wide variety of professional positions where experts are continuously working to offer the best and diversity of accounting services to all of our customers. As part of our accounting support services, we provide assistance to an organization’s accounting department by having our accountants assist them with using their accounting system. Our consultants help businesses use their accounting systems in an effective manner. With the assistance that our accountants provide, we are able to improve our accounting process and identify any problematic areas, future challenges, and anything else that needs to be updated. Additionally, our accounting consultant helps businesses comply with local, state, and federal legal requirements. 

Our services in bookkeeping

Things could still go wrong unless you have experience with all the jobs you’ve chosen to manage yourself. Even if you don’t need or desire an administrative staff on a full-time basis, you can still profit from sound expert guidance. A consultant works in that manner. A bookkeeping consultant doesn’t want to enter your company and perform the same tasks that you do. They merely wish to assist you in staying on course. They achieve this by getting to know your company and providing suggestions for management, financial, and organizational initiatives. A consultant offers services and puts solutions into place to support the expansion of your organization. Although we are diligent bookkeepers, we also provide small to medium-sized businesses with expert consulting services. You won’t have to pay the salary of a full-time employee because we are outsourced. We work remotely so as not to encroach on your workplace space.

Our services of Corporate tax in UAE

Corporate tax in UAE was introduced on 31 January 2022 and will come into the act on 1 June 2023. Basically, the profits that a company makes over AED 375,000 will be subjected to a tax rate of 9%. When submitting your own tax return, it is simple to make mistakes due to a hectic life. Our tax advisors will invest the time that would otherwise be required for you to perform all of the research to ensure that you are entitled to each credit and deduction that pertains to your circumstances. We at Forthright Consultancy specialize in tax consulting and offer a variety of related services, including bookkeeping and tax planning, in contrast to the other consultancy firms that typically only offer auditing services. We will provide you with the best tax services in the country and will also make sure that you are satisfied with our services at the end of it. 

Tax advisors can assist with:

  • Preparing and submitting taxes (including complex business and international taxation)
  • Forensic accounting and fraud
  • Management advice (strategy and operations)
  • Services related to appraisals (real estate, valuation of closely-held businesses, family partnerships, etc.)
  • Support in court
  • Consultative services

Our consultancy fees

We at Forthright Consultancy, are one of the best in the UAE market because we provide a good quality of work and ensure to have reasonable prices for all of our services may it be bookkeeping, accounting, or Corporate tax in UAE. The fee that we charge varies according to the client’s demands and we will make sure to fulfil all of the requirements of the clients in the given timeframe and deadline. All of our services will be of the best quality as we have experts in each field working for us and they will not disappoint you but infact you will be satisfied by them and in a few aspects we might even exceed your expectations from us. 


Gaining services like bookkeeping, accounting and taxes consultancy is important for a company because these services are definitely not a DIY thing and are something that are supposed to be done by experts. However, finding a consultancy that does everything at one place and is trustworthy and reliable is tough but we have go you covered with our reliable services and will make sure that we gain your trust. If you have any queries regarding us then you can simply constant us and one of our customer service representatives will pick up the phone and clarify all  off your queries. Contact us today to start gaining our services and save a ton of money on taxes and know more about how to do the financial filing of things. 


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